Le Teint Ultra Tenue Compact: New Chanel foundation

Le Teint Ultra Tenue Compact: New Chanel foundation
Le Teint Ultra Tenue Compact: New Chanel foundation

Enhance your skin wherever you are with the Compact Ultra Tenue Foundation from Chanel

The foundation is a real star in the makeup department. Present in many feminine bathrooms, it is used to hide all small imperfections and to even out the complexion. It is the essential beauty ally to afford porcelain skin and women love it.

In recent years, it has taken different forms. Compact foundation is more and more popular and fits very easily in any handbag. This nomadic product will give you a perfect complexion wherever you are. The Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation is particularly renowned for its resistance to any test.

The Chanel Ultra-Hold Compact Foundation in a few words

The Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation comes in a small, very elegant black case, simply decorated with the initials of the Chanel brand. Inside, it contains a mattifying powder accompanied by a sponge and a mirror. Thus, the Compact Ultra Hold Foundation fits very easily in any handbag. It will allow you to make small makeup touch-ups wherever you are. Its powder is renowned for its incomparable hold.

Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation offers flawless mattness and radiance from early morning until night. However, despite its coverage, it remains light and airy, giving your face a second skin with a texture that is always pleasant to wear. The Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation is available in many colors, so as to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone, whether you have very fair skin or a pretty tanned complexion.

The composition of Chanel Ultra-Hold Compact Foundation

To control the shiny areas of your face, and to deal with excess sebum, Chanel Ultra Tenue Foundation contains absorbent powders.

What’s more, zinc and polysaccharide powder are also incorporated into its recipe to increase its hold and comfort. Finally, to make it more resistant to humidity and perspiration, Chanel has also incorporated hydrophobic pigments treated with amino acids. Thus, the color of your Compact Ultra Tenue de Chanel Foundation remains impeccable whatever the circumstances.

Apply the Compact Ultra-Hold Foundation well

To apply your Chanel Ultra Tenue Compact Foundation, all you need to do is use the sponge provided inside its case. Start by taking a little product and then exerting little pressure on your entire face. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation several times on your small skin imperfections in order to hide them perfectly. Finally, do not forget to blend the area of ​​your face correctly and to extend the product up to your neck so as not to create an unsightly demarcation.

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