Diorshow New Look, the multidimensional volume mascara

Diorshow New Look, the multidimensional volume mascara
Diorshow New Look, the multidimensional volume mascara

We recently told you about the Cils d’Enfer mascara by Guerlain, that of Dior is also very convincing.

The fact of having a look of embers seems to have become, over time, a real stubbornness for the fairer sex. Also, we can no longer count the number of mascaras on the market: lengthening, densifying, thickening, curling, waterproof, volumizing … Whether you have short, very full or cropped eyelashes, everything is done to give you a doe-like look. a snap of the fingers. But then, how to navigate among this crowd of products all more innovative than the others. Well, know that some mascaras are an exception. Over time, they have become a real beauty staple. This is particularly the case with Dior’s Diorshow New Look , a true beauty enhancer .

The feats of Diorshow New Look mascara

Much more than just a beauty product, Diorshow New Look is described as a “mascara prodigy”. It is equipped with a new nano-brush specially designed by Dior to catch and coat all eyelashes, even the smallest. Thus, the gaze is as if multiplied. The eyelashes are perfectly separated and the product is thus deposited harmoniously on each of them. Likewise, the brush is properly wrung out each time you take it out of its bottle. Thus, no pack is deposited on your lashes and you never have to deplore a cardboard effect. Your gaze remains airy and totally natural. Thus, your eyelashes appear more curled than ever and the volume of the latter seems to extend to infinity. Likewise, the Diorshow New Look has a regenerating Lash MaximizerTM skincare formula. This allows you to nourish your eyelashes day after day and give them strength and volume. Thus, your gaze is densified and gains in amplitude. Day after day, your lash lines appear denser, repaired and strengthened.

How to apply Dior mascara?

In order to apply Dior mascara properly , you should dip your brush only once into the tube. Avoid going back and forth by using a “pump” gesture. These are unnecessary and only help to dry out the product. For a natural effect, apply a single layer on your upper and lower lashes starting at the level of your bangs. The Diorshow New Look ensures flawless coverage, even in just one application. However, for a more spectacular result, wait 30 seconds after applying a first coat. Then spread it out for a second. The result promises to amaze those around you. As for colors, know that this product is available in three shades, intense black, bluish or brown.

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