New: Berdoues bottles Asia with Péng Lái

Berdoues bottles Asia with Péng Lái
Berdoues bottles Asia with Péng Lái

Berdoues takes us to China thanks to the new perfume Péng Lái

Maison Berdoues benefits from extraordinary know-how and takes pleasure in enhancing the most prestigious raw materials on the planet. Its Collection of Grands Crus takes us to the four corners of the globe and allows us to benefit from the best flavors from Mother Nature. Today, it is in the heart of China that the new composition of the brand plunges us. Focus on the last Péng Lái from Berdoues .

The Collection of Grands Crus of Berdoues

Péng Lái is a perfume that belongs to the Collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues . Since 2015, this assortment of fragrances has drawn the best of the earth’s raw materials and offered them to the perfumery. The result is an exceptional olfactory line, offering a unique interpretation of different parts of the globe. The Collection of Grands Crus of Berdoues is characterized by aromas of extreme finesse and by essences loaded with depth.

Péng Lái, an Asian-inspired fragrance

Péng Lái is a typically Asian-inspired fragrance. Before being the name of a fragrance, Péng Lái is an island located on the edge of the Bohai Sea. Legend has it that the goddess He Xiangu stayed there. On the olfactory level, Péng Lái de Berdoues is embodied by three main ingredients. Osmanthus, a famous Chinese shrub, gives it its apricot scent. Benzoin from Laos reinforces its gluttony by adding a caramelized breath. Finally, Péng Lái ends with a more enveloping and almond scent of tonka bean. Everything is delivered to us in the emblematic bottle of the entire Berdoues Grands Crus Collection, coated for the occasion with an infinity of colored flowers.

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