Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Blender

Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Blender
Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Blender

A face made up in every nook and cranny thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent Makeup Blendeur

Beauty professionals use a whole bunch of tools to achieve ever more breathtaking make-up. Of course, they have at their disposal a very wide range of brushes. Yes, but not only…

The latter also use some kind of makeup sponge . Their use is child’s play, and these sponges were also all the rage across the Atlantic before landing in France. Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore decided to seize the phenomenon and present us his new makeup applicator: the Makeup Blendeur.

What is the Makeup Blender?

The Makeup Blender is a beauty accessory that you will not be able to do without once you have tested it! To try it is to adopt it! Already acclaimed by many professional make-up artists, the Makeup Blender is a kind of sponge that soaks up complexion products and then slides naturally over the skin, providing a particularly natural effect in its path. The Makeup Blender can be used with a foundation, primer, highlighter, primer, concealer or concealer. Its particular shape has been carefully studied to adapt to all the contours of your face. Thus, its large surface covers most of your skin.

Its tip, meanwhile, allows you to work more specifically in detail and reach small areas of the face, such as the eye or mouth area, as well as the bridge of the nose.

In addition, let us note that the Makeup Blender also makes real feats to carry out a “contouring” make-up. Thus, it allows to highlight the natural reliefs of your skin to give more depth and structure to your make-up. Finally, be aware that if makeup sponges are generally criticized for their greediness in terms of products, which makes them uneconomical, Yves Saint-Laurent has remedied the problem . The Makeup Blender has a less porous texture which limits the absorption of the material, and which also increases the hold of your makeup.

Use the Yves Saint-Laurent Makeup Blender properly

Applying makeup with the Makeup Blender is child’s play! Much easier to use than a brush, this sponge will allow you to apply makeup with instinctive gestures. To do this, all you need to do is moisten it with the product, and dab it on your face. The result is particularly natural and does not create any demarcation.

Thus, your skin will appear sparkling while not leaving any traces of makeup visible. On the other hand, be aware that it is essential to clean your Makeup Blender well after each use so that bacteria do not multiply there. This will prevent you from seeing small impurities appear on your skin afterwards.

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