Y Eau Fraiche by YSL: frosted monolith with the scent of spice

Y Eau Fraiche by YSL: frosted monolith with the scent of spice
Y Eau Fraiche by YSL: frosted monolith with the scent of spice

Y Eau Fraiche, a new burst of energy blows through Yves Saint-Laurent

Remember: in 2017, the Yves Saint-Laurent house was aimed at the young generation, that of millennials, better known as Generation Y. It dedicated a fragrance to them, a pledge of creativity and freshness. Soberly named Y, it was a very daring and invigorating woody fern. Then, in 2018, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to reinvent it, to make it a more aromatic Eau de Perfume, dominated by sage. In 2019, history is repeating itself again, to see the birth of the Y Live fragrance, warmer and more incandescent, warming up with amber, cocoa and vanilla. So what does 2020 have in store for us? Yves Saint-Laurent does not intend to stop there and invites us to discover his new creation: Y Eau Fraiche, a wave of energy to offer you every day.

Y Eau Fraiche, an aerial essence, but tenacious and spicy

Y Eau Fraiche by Yves Saint-Laurent is a very inspiring fragrance, especially because of its olfactory richness and its many very different ingredients. Unlike most Eaux Fraiches, this is not just a modernized Eau de Cologne, simply advocating freshness while sorely lacking in character. In fact, this fragrance even displays very lingering notes. It reveals itself in a fresh, spicy, aromatic and woody bouquet. Its hot spices, in contrast with its citrus fruits, leave an indelible memory in memory, that of a cheerful, charismatic and sparkling energy. It all starts with the freshness of lemon, immediately counterbalanced by the incandescence of black pepper. The ginger, meanwhile, floats a slightly soapy breath here. Then, flowers flood the heart with this fragrance. Y Eau Fraiche deploys all its elegance in an aromatic alliance of lavender and geranium, still refreshed with juniper berries and mint. Basically, Y Eau Fraiche lets all its masculinity speak for itself. Its character is revealed in a duo of cedar and olibanum.

Yves Saint-Laurent reveals the beauty of a frosted monolith

Y Eau Fraiche comes in the same bottle as its predecessors, that is to say in a glass monolith, a perfect combination of virility, power and purity. However, some of its elements have been transformed. His glass is now frosted, as if it were frosted. Its hood, meanwhile, swapped its black colourway for a purer, snowy white shade. Thus, visually, the bottle of Y Eau Fraiche perfectly echoes the essence it contains. A Y-shaped notch is invited on one of its sides. Metallic and sober, it is original while remaining very contemporary. Yves Saint-Laurent’s name is displayed on a metal bar.

Undeniably, the Y Eau Fraiche perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent intends to float a wind of unequaled energy in your daily life, as if to increase your creativity tenfold without ever harming your natural charisma. So, are you ready to take on all the challenges that lie ahead?

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