The new fragrance L’Innomable by Serge Lutens

The new fragrance L'Innomable by Serge Lutens
The new fragrance L’Innomable by Serge Lutens

The unnamable, the new spicy breath of Serge Lutens

The creator Serge Lutens has a universe of his own. Completely permeable to fashions and trends, he develops above all very personal fragrances, the only thing in common is to bring together ingredients of exceptional quality. Therefore, its juices are always very popular with lovers of noble and rare perfumes. If you are looking for something new, know that the month of June 2018 is already shaping up to be rich in emotions. Serge Lutens offers a brand new collection called Gratte-Ciel, from which comes a new fragrance: L’innommable. It is launched at the same time as its new fragrance: Le Participe Passé .

The atypical universe of Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a designer who is unlike any other. He is considered by many to be a great visionary and an indisputable genius of French perfumery. His creative universe is overflowing with inventiveness. His journey is unusual. Serge Lutens does nothing like the others, starting with his scented essences. His unique world, often shrouded in black, presents us with all kinds of creations, mostly intended for men and women. This is also the case with The Unnamable.

When Serge Lutens is inspired by his childhood memories

The unnamable is an enigmatic perfume that actually takes us back to the creator’s childhood memories. Indeed, if Serge Lutens was born in Lille, he grew up in Morocco. He keeps precious memories of it and is very attached to this oriental land. Thus, it is felt in many of its fragrances. This very often results in juices loaded with spices and resin. Serge Lutens gives us a very intimate part of his history and takes us on a journey to the other end of the Mediterranean.

The unnamable, a particularly spicy fragrance

The unnamable is fully in line with the Serge Lutens trend and reveals an incandescent heat mainly made from two spices. Benzoin gives off a fruity and vanilla flavor here, with light hints of cocoa butter. Cumin, meanwhile, is a tribute to the finest flavors of the Mediterranean basin. It is aromatic, anise and animal. Everything is accompanied, as always, by an enigmatic quote to say the least: “What you will be silent about will speak of you.” My benzoin comes from Siam, but cumin flows through my veins ”.

The new bottle of The Unnamable

Another puzzling novelty: Serge Lutens has decided to offer his L’Innommable perfume a brand new bottle. This time, its design is inspired by the film Metropolis. Dark, refined and opaque, it is like a black skyscraper rising towards the sky. This is a nod to the name of this unique new collection. Everything changes radically from previous transparent glass rectangles from the Serge Lutens brand. Decidedly, The Unnamable has many assets to arouse curiosity … So, will you be among those who will succeed in unraveling its mysteries?

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