The new Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen

The new Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen
The new Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen

The Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen to assert the power of your eyes

The look is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the face. It is indicative of your personality as well as your emotions. What’s more, when properly showcased, it can be endlessly captivating. The look is therefore one of the most beautiful assets of seduction . To reveal all its splendor for all to see, there are a whole bunch of makeup products available. They keep reinventing themselves year after year and it is precisely in this context that the new Waterproof Eye Pen from Clarins was developed.

The many colors of the Waterproof Eye Pen

Unlike most eye pencils which only come in two versions, black and brown, the Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen comes in six different colors, so your creativity can be fully satisfied. Black, brown, dark gray or light gray, plum, or even emerald green, nothing is too beautiful to highlight your doe eyes! Thus, the Waterproof Eye Pen matches perfectly with all irises, all skin types and all styles. Each color of its Waterproof Eye Pen is infinitely loaded with colorful pigments, revealing a dazzling and captivating shade. Despite this explosiveness, the Waterproof Eye Pen has a melting and creamy texture, which glides on the skin and does not irritate the eyelids.

The impeccable hold of the Waterproof Eye Pen

At the same time, the other main advantage of the Waterproof Eye Pen is its exceptional hold. Its color adheres strongly to the eyelid without ever irritating it. Therefore, it does not fade for 8 hours and thus makes up your eyes from early morning until evening. The Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen is not afraid of water, perspiration or excess sebum. Its waterproof formula incorporates hydrophobic agents which only improve its tenacity and which prevents it from drooling during the day.

The double applicator of the Waterproof Eye Pen

To facilitate your application, the Clarins Waterproof Eye Pen comes in the form of a classic pen, which makes it easier to handle and more intuitive. On one side of this makeup tool, a pencil allows you to draw a precise line on the eyelid. The latter cannot be pruned and you just need to twist it to reveal its color. On the other side of the Waterproof Eye Pen is a second foam tip. This one fades the color and is ideal for drawing a nice gradient more smoky and sophisticated. Note that the Waterproof Eye Pen can then be spread over the entire eyelid and thus serve as eye shadow.

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