The different Sisley eyebrow pencils

The Sisley House was born from the hands of a visionary and ambitious couple. The brand is the result of their love of plants associated with their desire to innovate. Since its launch, the Sisley brand has never stopped designing revolutionary products, changing the world of cosmetics and make-up year after year. Sisley eyebrow pencils are fully in line with current trends. They enhance the look while providing it with multiple benefits. As always, they don’t just put makeup on your face but make it more radiant with each application.

The Phyto Sourcils Design

The Phyto Sourcils Design
The Phyto Sourcils Design

Phyto Sourcils Design, the grouping of three tools

Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Design brings together three eye tools. Its brush helps to discipline the eyebrows and to sheathe them. Its triangular pencil, for its part, deposits its densifying texture on the eyes and fills your eyebrows. In one pass, they appear thicker. Finally, an illuminator brings more radiance to your face. It sits just under the brow bone.

The beneficial formula of Phyto Sourcils Design

The Phyto Sisley Eyebrow Design is a formula enriched care. The latter contains camellia oil which softens and nourishes the eyebrows. She sheaths the latter and disciplines them. Acacia wax also protects them continuously and enhances your sensory experience throughout the day.

Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Fix

Sisley's Phyto Sourcils Fix
Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Fix

Phyto Sourcils Fix, a filling gel

The Phyto Sourcils Fix is very different from other eyebrow pencils. Indeed, it looks more like a small mascara and incorporates a filling gel with an innovative texture in its tube. The latter fixes the eyebrows and fills them in a single pass. Enriched with nylon fibers, it gives the impression of having naturally fuller eyebrows. Despite its effectiveness, it does not create any material effect and does not even let you guess.

The different colors of Phyto Sourcils Fix

Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Fix is ​​available in three different shades. The latter go perfectly with all eyes, for a discreet make-up. One of the three Phyto Sourcils Fix is ​​also completely transparent. It naturally intensifies the look and the fabric without depositing a single colored pigment. The Phyto Sourcils Fix brush is specifically designed to deliver the right amount of product.

To date, the Sisley house is available in three different product lines : skincare, make-up and perfumes. Very often, it happens that these universes intertwine. Thus, many of Sisley’s makeup products, starting with her eyebrow pencils, are enriched with care. As a result, your face is preserved, as well as your skin comfort. Over the course of the applications of these products, your skin regains a new radiance. Sisley eyebrow pencils are a concentrate of innovation at the service of your beauty.

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