The crazy charm of L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

The crazy charm of L'Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent
The crazy charm of L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

All the perfumes of the Yves Saint Laurent house evoke an emotion, a character and a style in its own right. The L’Homme range of essences, which appeared in 2006, highlights the image of a gentleman whose charisma, elegance and attitude forge his personality. The Man embodies the ideal companion and his success was, of course, at the rendezvous. Today it is known as one of the bestsellers of the Yves Saint Laurent house. Also, the brand has decided to satisfy its fans. A new variation of its scent will soon see the light of day. Indeed, the new Ultimate Man should appear during the month of February 2016.

L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent and his many olfactory revisits

In order to realize his perfume, the Man, Yves Saint Laurent called on four talented perfumers, namely Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet, Dominique Ropion and Pierre Wargnye. The latter then pooled their creativity and their know-how in order to design an exceptional essence. The first version of L’Homme then embodied masculine elegance through a woody, virile and luminous fragrance. The latter was then revisited during the summers of 2007 and 2008. Yves Saint-Laurent decided, in fact, to offer versions specially dedicated to the summer season. The year 2009, meanwhile, saw the emergence of another great success. It is also the year of publication of the famous La Nuit de L’Homme. This then displayed a more intense smell. On the other hand, 2011 was once again marked by more freshness thanks to the appearance of L’Homme Cologne Gingembre as well as L’Homme Libre, a very invigorating aromatic woody note. Once again, 2013 opted for more depth via L’Homme Parfum Intense. Finally, 2014 was set under the sign of adrenaline with L’Homme Sport gasoline. Also, in 2016, the place is now made for more seduction thanks to thenew Ultimate Man .

The New Ultimate Man

Before talking about its scent, let’s take a moment to look at the L’Homme Ultime perfume bottle. Indeed, Yves Saint-Laurent wanted to reuse the design of his elders and slightly modified it. We still find the famous cylindrical case designed in heavy glass. Its look is particularly clean. Its only eccentricity lies in its cap. This adopts an octagonal shape reminiscent of a bolt. This very original cabochon has a particularly refined and daring mirror-effect texture. On the scent side, L’Homme Ultime is a fragrance that aims to be aromatic, woody and intense. His delicacy comes up against a more virile and charismatic aspect. Thus, L’Homme Ultime starts with very invigorating notes of grapefruit allied to the dynamism of ginger and cardamom. Likewise, this tonicity is found in his heart through the contribution of sage. This is then coupled with rose for more sensuality. In addition, geranium comes to display its temperament via more spicy scents. Finally, it all ends with a woody and very manly scent of cedar and vetiver.

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