Take your J’adore perfume everywhere with its new roller pearl

Take your J'adore perfume everywhere with its new roller pearl
Take your J’adore perfume everywhere with its new roller pearl

J’adore Roller Pearl: Dior reinvents its legendary fragrance

The Dior house enjoys worldwide notoriety and is just as famous for its unparalleled sense of luxury and elegance, as for its entrepreneurial spirit. The brand is constantly renewing itself to adapt to the needs of women of its time. Well aware that its contemporaries are more and more active, Dior has decided to design new bottles , compact and nomadic, that can be taken absolutely everywhere! From then on, Dior reinterprets its most emblematic perfumes and integrates them into these original bottles. This is how the new J’adore Roller Pearl was born.

I love, a legendary essence

J’adore Roller Pearl reinvents the bottle of the most famous perfume from the house of Dior: J’adore . Since 1999, this legendary juice reflects Christian Dior’s passion for women. He advocates lightness and emotion, revealing in each woman what is most spontaneous and unreasonable. As elegant as you want, it is also timeless, brilliantly combining modernity with the New Look heritage.

The new bottle of J’adore Roller Pearl

This time, J’adore Roller Pearl is aimed at all nomadic and active women of our time. This creation is characterized by its new bottle, easy to carry in any handbag, thanks to its waterproofness and its small size of 20 ml. Once its cap is perfectly screwed on its head, J’adore Roller Pearl is guaranteed without any leakage. What’s more, it gets a new applicator. Its head is topped with a glass ball that delivers the right amount of perfume, at a specific location and without any loss. The whole forms a sort of drop of transparent glass, revealing the solar splendor of a sparkling juice. J’adore Roller Pearl is also topped with a very refined golden ball, and finely engraved with the word “J’adore”.

The floral and feminine femininity of J’adore Roller Pearl

On the scent side, J’adore Roller Pearl remains faithful to the inspiration of its predecessor, developed by François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator of Maison Dior. The official nose of the brand is full of praise for its fragrance: “J’adore is an extraordinary fragrance because it takes up the challenge of being easily seductive while having an original signature. To be carnal without being heavy. It is a composition that combines opposites, which turns iconic floral notes into an attractive, unique and mysterious whole. I love inventing a flower that does not exist ”. J’Adore Roller Pearl is designed as an enormous floral bouquet, the raw materials of which come from all over the world. The ylang ylang of the Comoros gives it a fruity and exotic breath. Damascus rose, from Turkey, is sweeter. Jasmine from Grasse is slightly apricot, which gives it all the indulgence of a jam. Sambac jasmine, on the other hand, is warmer and more sunny. Finally, the tuberose is more white and heady.

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