Russkaya Kozha Berdoues Cologne

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Russkaya Kozha Berdoues Cologne is a 2016 Woody Leather Cologne by Berdoues for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Cardamom. Middle notes are Benzoin. Base notes are Cade.

Russkaya Kozha Berdoues Cologne
Russkaya Kozha Berdoues Cologne


The elegance of leather at the heart of the Collection des Grands Crus de Berdoues

Russkaya Kozha plunges us into the heart of prestigious Russia, the one we dream of, the one that is luxurious and ruled by the prestige of the tsars.

The elegance of leather at the heart of the Collection des Grands Crus de Berdoues

Since 1902, Berdoues has been a brand that fascinates for its extraordinary expertise and unique know-how in perfumery. What is more, let us note that it was one of the pioneers in terms of making Eau de Cologne. Thus, with the Collection of Grands Crus, it is a tribute to this prestigious past that the Berdoues brand signs here. However, not all great wines are called Grands Crus… Russkaya Kozha therefore had to live up to this prestige. To do this, Berdoues sent its best perfumers to the other side of the world in search of more beautiful raw materials. These were then carefully harvested before being ennobled in a perfume from the hands of talented designers. Russkaya Kozha takes us here in the discovery of an exceptional terroir. In reality, its flavor gives us a typically Russian soul without associating ingredients from this country. Never mind, all of the products contained therein are nobility. They possess the power of the tsars of yesteryear and unveil us scents sewn of mystery and fairyland.

Russkaya Kozha or the smell of Russia

Russkaya Kozha is a mysterious and intense fragrance that was developed by perfumer Flavien Laurendeau. He explains that “Russkaya Kozha is a leathery and amber fragrance that reveals the soul of eternal Russia thanks to the alliance of cade wood and an elegant accord of benzoin from Malaysia and cardamom from Guatemala. He thus qualifies his creation as an “elegant and racy Grand Cru”. Cardamom from Guatemala is a small product that is also called “seed of paradise”. Here, it releases a camphoric, zesty, aromatic and resinous scent. It is associated with benzoin Siam from Malaysia. This raw material is a resinous exudation from the tree, a kind of sap. This enriches the flavor of Russkaya Kozha with hints of vanilla, balsamic, powdery and milk. Finally, cade wood, for its part, here delivers a typically Mediterranean flavor synonymous with the garrigue. It is he who brings the woody and full-bodied content of this juice. Russkaya Kozha is then presented in the typical setting to the entire Collection of Grands Crus de Berdoues. Rectangular and transparent in shape, this time it is decorated with multiple arabesques of red and orange colors for a rendering worthy of the elegance of eternal Russia.

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