Narcotic V Parfum Extrait

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Narcotic V Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by Nasomatto. The notes of this fragrance are

Narcotic V Parfum Extrait
Narcotic V Parfum Extrait


“The fragrance is the result of a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power.” The Nose.
Well, now! How can we top that? Narcotic V is indeed intensely feminine, a no-holds-barred buttery and sweetly rich tuberose. It isn’t cutesy or giggly…it plants one high heeled foot down on the ground and announces its presence with a flourish. There are very few fragrances we’d label absolute and total mankillers, and this is one of them. It doesn’t apologize for its outright femininity or try to hide it…it’s out there, one hip thrust out, chin in the air, eyes flashing and celebrating the devastating beauty of the sweet, white tropical flowers that inhabit it.

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Specification: Narcotic V Parfum Extrait


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