Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian Eau de Parfum

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Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Woody Floral Fruity Musky Perfume by By Kilian for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Becker Chalice . Top notes are Lemon, Orange. Middle notes are Pineapple, Pink berries, Mango, Ylang ylang. Base notes are White musks, Coconut, Sandalwood.

Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian Eau de Parfum
Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian Eau de Parfum


By Kilian collaborates with Calice Becker

As the name of the Moonlight In Heaven perfume suggests, it plunges us into the heart of the night. As By Kilian likes to describe it, it is a “romantic getaway that takes us on a journey to a secret paradise, under the pale light of the moon. As you will have understood, this is about the night in its most poetic and tender aspect. Welcome to the olfactory paradise of By Kilian!

By Kilian collaborates with Calice Becker

Today, Calice Becker is an essential perfumer whose know-how is recognized all over the planet. The latter has a very wide range of creation and has already shown itself capable of creating best-sellers as well as niche fragrances. This Frenchwoman of origin has lived in New York for 18 years, a city in which she exercises her profession with passion, working for the biggest design houses such as Dior but also By Kilian. If Dior is more recognized for its perfumes responding to current marketing trends, which in no way detracts from their splendor, By Kilian on the other hand gives free rein to its creativity, without ever setting itself any limits. In reality, Calice Becker’s first vocation was to become a doctor. Also, although she turned in the path of perfumery, the desire to improve the well-being of the soul has never left her. This is how she ceaselessly develops very poetic works, drawing inspiration from multiple artistic sectors such as painting, music, or even pastry making and sommellerie.

The aromatic and androgynous scent of Moonlight In Heaven

< p> Calice Becker’s creative journey led him to develop the Moonlight In Heaven fragrance. This one comes in a contemporary purple bottle. Both sober and luxurious, it is delivered to us in a chiseled glass inspired by a cognac decanter. It contains an androgynous juice suitable for both women and men. It begins with an invigorating scent of citrus fruits, especially lemon and orange. Then, the fruity scent of Moonlight In Heaven continues in its heart thanks to the juicy and sweet presence of pineapple and mango. This exotic fruit is relayed by the floral and sunny flavor of ylang-ylang. Nevertheless, pink berries come to tickle the whole and give more impertinence and character to this perfume. Finally, coconut comes to close the chapter of exoticism and combines with sandalwood to leave behind this juice a sweet and enveloping scent. White musks, for their part, help to strengthen its airy appearance. Overall, Moonlight In Heaven is a smooth and limpid looking essence but actually looks deceptively innocent.

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