La Belle Jean-Paul Gaultier Perfume

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La Belle Jean-Paul Gaultier Perfume is a 2019 Oriental Oriental Perfume by Jean paul Gaultier for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch Sonia Constant . Top notes are Pear. Middle notes are Vetiver. Base notes are Vanilla.

La Belle Jean-Paul Gaultier Perfume
La Belle Jean-Paul Gaultier Perfume


Feminine fragrance La Belle Jean Paul Gaultier

Since then, the choice has been made to put forward the two greatest perfumes of the creator, and to refocus mainly on their world fame. Indeed, since their respective releases in 1993 and 1995, Le Classique and Le Mâle have never ceased to be talked about! Even today, they reinvent themselves and give birth to a new duo called La Belle et le Beau. Galanterie obliges: let’s take a closer look at the feminine essence of Jean-Paul Gaultier …

Beauty, the absolute essence of femininity

To better understand the universe of La Belle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, we need to look at the story of the previous Le Classique. The idea of ​​designing a perfume with a bottle in the shape of a female bust comes from a distant memory of Jean-Paul Gaultier. One day, when he was a child, he discovered a corset at the bottom of an old trunk belonging to his grandmother, a person to whom he was infinitely attached! As if to pay homage to her, while symbolizing absolute femininity, he decided to take inspiration from this retro garment to design a perfume bottle. Since then, the corset has become an iconic piece in his collection. Today, by recalling this memory once again, Jean-Paul Gaultier has chosen to reveal to us the image of a strong and charismatic woman, clearly playing in the register of sensuality. The woman who wears La Belle perfume is not afraid of anything. She is a seductress at heart who already promises to leave no one indifferent!

La Belle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, a sweet flavor in a flamboyant red bottle

As if to sublimate the femininity of his perfume, Jean-Paul Gaultier has slightly modified his bottle. Thus, La Belle is presented in a finely sculpted glass case, whose hips are now more pronounced, the waist refined and the chest very generous. Likewise, revealing all the passion it contains in its heart, La Belle is embellished this time with a dazzling red color. A touch of refinement has been brought to its collar. Indeed, La Belle is now decorated with a necklace of finely carved roses. However, with audacity, Jean-Paul Gaultier has once again chosen to present this perfume in a case in the shape of a tin can. This offbeat choice to say the least fits perfectly with his universe!
To develop his olfactory recipe, Jean-Paul Gaultier called on two renowned perfumers: Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant. They chose to use three main ingredients. The pear gives this fragrance a fruity, juicy and airy breath. Vetiver, on the other hand, contrasts the whole and gives it more depth and power. Finally, its woody flavor is associated with a sulfurous note of vanilla which only amplifies the suave aspect of this essence.

Discover the composition of La Belle JPG

Classic and its ultra-feminine powdery accords between scents of the past and sensualities of the present enchanted the 90s with its glass bustier, icon of the style of its master Jean-Paul Gaultier. Year after year, the beautiful demoiselle of the enfant terrible of fashion has returned each time with new olfactory surprises… And in 2019, what will Classic which is reborn for our greatest pleasure in La Belle? Sensuality of course, but also a lot of exotic enchanted paradises …

Beauty and her taste of forbidden exotic paradise signed Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant

< p> By naming his perfume Classique, Jean-Paul Gaultier already knew that it wouldn’t have much of a Classic if it wasn’t for its retro powder compacts! Because the beautiful young lady already knew what she wanted and her flawless sensuality will never be equaled as she knew how to renew herself over the years and the bottles.

Jacques Cavallier, the perfumer who gave rise to Classique, sees her exacerbated femininity as so unique that it can only be deeply rooted in each of us, like all of the perfumer’s feminine creations.

“& nbsp; Femininity is a universal value. There are very different types of women in all cultures, but what unites all of this is the feeling of speaking deeply about femininity. This is a point that men will never understand. & Nbsp; ” Jacque Cavallier, Antidote.

So the pretty Classic of Jean-Paul Gaultier will cross time and the years without ever taking a wrinkle and by daring to let itself be tamed by perfumers who will let it be discovered each time in a new light. With La Belle, the pretty Classic will be completely exposed, both literally and figuratively, to be enchanted by the talents of perfumers Quentin Bisch and Sonia Constant.

Visit the tropical paradise of La Belle by Jean-Paul Gaultier

For Quentin Bisch, his scented creation was born from a pastry inspiration! Indeed, it was while tasting the vanilla delights of a famous Parisian pastry chef, the Pâtisserie des Rêves, that the perfumer had the idea to slip into La Belle this vanilla both powerfully exotic and deliciously creamy that evokes us a sensual femininity as much as the tropical paradises in which we would like to spend our vacations.

If La Belle wants to be a Classic flanker , she has moved away from her mother of the 90s, unlike the duo Le Beau and Le Mâle. But whatever the bottom line, it makes discover the delights of an ultra feminine woody perfume by announcing with its juicy pear scent at will the departure for an olfactory vacation, where the vanilla of the heart would be like the point of arrival of this travel to elsewhere, to the other side of the world. Finally the burning and so soft vetiver which will appear in a wake both nervous and sensual leaves us in the idea that La Belle will never seek further other lost paradises. ..

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