Kimitsu for Him Annayaké Eau de Toilette

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Kimitsu for Him Annayaké Eau de Toilette is a 2016 Woody Spicy Cologne by Annayaké for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Lemon. Middle notes are Neroli, Mate. Base notes are Amber, Cedar, Vetiver, White musks.

Kimitsu for Him Annayaké Eau de Toilette
Kimitsu for Him Annayaké Eau de Toilette


The very masculine flavor of the new Annayake fragrance

The very masculine flavor of the new Annayake fragrance

Kimitsu For Him is a juice that has all the classic attributes of male perfumery while endowing itself with a touch of modernity and daring. It begins with an invigorating freshness emblematic of men’s perfumery. In addition, it contains citrus fruits and thus releases a fairly easy to access flight. However, these ingredients are associated with the spicy side of black pepper. It must be said that this element is very often used in woody perfumes. Then, the neroli comes to brighten it all up. In addition, this is the name given to the essential oil obtained from the distillation of orange blossom. Kimitsu For Him thus takes on a floral, rich and suave flavor. Mate, an ingredient more rarely used in perfumery and known for its smell similar to that of tea or hay, then completes Annayake’s recipe. Then, Kimitsu For Him lets a real bouquet of aromatic spices explode. This one consists of sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender. Finally, this perfume ends with more heat. Amber gives it a more balsamic flavor. Cedar, for its part, is drier and more resinous. The vetiver then sublimates the whole with its very identifiable smell, at the same time smoky, warm and earthy.

The traditional bottle of Kimitsu For Him

If Annayake has been daring in terms of scent, the brand has however played the card of safety in terms of design. Indeed, its bottle takes the traditional shape of its elders. It is at the same time minimalist while being sophisticated. It offers a perfect balance between its lines and curves. It comes in two colors: black and white. The whole rests on a very light background and only thick and horizontal lines come to break this apparent clarity. They then form a circle on its front face, in turn revealing the name of this juice. What is more, the shape of this container is reminiscent of that of a traditional inkwell. Thus, this is a nod to the art of Japanese calligraphy.

Kimitsu For Him, the new woody inkwell from Annayake

After having proven itself in the cosmetic world, the Annayake brand has been offering us a new dimension in recent years by creating very innovative fragrances. Thus, its ambition was to respond to the concept of “global beauty”. To do this, Annayake thinks of both men and women. She thus presents us scented duets consisting in creating a juice for men and its counterpart for women. The year 2016 was therefore no exception to the rule. Annayake introduces us to the new Kimitsu. Focus on its male version.

The iconic Annayake bottle revisited

Because you don’t change a winning team, Annayake chose to to reclaim your traditional bottle. Indeed, it follows the minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic characteristic of the brand. This is a modern take on a brush and inkwell. Thus, the latter refers to the art of traditional calligraphy and Japanese identity. It was originally created by the talented designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. He was born in Grasse and likes to say that he is “one of the rare Grasse to take care of what is happening around the perfume and not inside!” However, that did not prevent him from having an exemplary career. In fact, he founded his design and bottle company in the 1980s. This one is called Aesthete and you are probably familiar with it. Indeed, she has worked for the biggest creative houses like Cartier, Balenciaga, Guerlain, Dior, Lanvin, Kenzo,… In total, Thierry de Baschmakoff has to his credit more than 6,000 references! This time, he presents us with a very refined bottle that plays with two neutral colors: black and white. Only black horizontal lines contrast with the white of this container. They thus form a perfect circle in which we can glimpse the name of the new Kimitsu For Him.

The woody flavor of Kimitsu For Him

But then, if Kimitsu For Him is dazzling elegance and visual harmony, what about its scent? It starts with a fairly easy to access approach. It launches out with a fresh and energizing citrus blend. Nevertheless, the Annayake man does not lack character and displays his impertinence through the spicy and rising presence of black pepper. This typical accord of woody juices leaves room for more sunshine. Neroli, an essential oil obtained by distillation of orange blossom, here gives the whole a floral, rich, suave and zesty scent. It is accompanied by aromatic spices typical of men’s perfumery such as thyme, lavender, sage or rosemary. Then, Kimitsu For Him evolves into an ingredient more rarely used in perfumery: mate. It is a South American herb known for its invigorating properties and its sweet scent, located between tea and hay. Here, she gives more body to this fragrance while mixing a surge of sensuality and liveliness. Finally, Kimitsu For Him ends with a more amber base containing cedar and vetiver.

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