Kenzo Power Kenzo Eau de Toilette

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Kenzo Power Kenzo Eau de Toilette is a 2008 Woody Powdery Cologne by Kenzo for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Polge . Top notes are Cardamom, Bergamot, Coriander. Middle notes are Labdanum. Base notes are Cedar, Tolu balm.

Kenzo Power Kenzo Eau de Toilette
Kenzo Power Kenzo Eau de Toilette


Kenzo Power: The very natural man of Madame Flower …

Thanks to the talents of Olivier Polge, it was done in 2008 with Kenzo Power and his imaginary tulip. To draw this odorless flower, Polge has created for Kenzo a very sensual woody-floral fragrance that caresses male skin like the skin of a beloved woman… Poetry, charm and enchantments are of course present for this Kenzo Power!

Kenzo Power or the imaginary tulip of the Kenzo man

For several years now, the Kenzo perfume house has been offering us perfumes and images of happiness and pure poetry, whether through original and unique scents or funny, imaginative or magical communication campaigns. The high point of poetry has certainly been reached by the splendid Flower countryside and its flowers growing out of concrete.

Considering that this handsome masculine Kenzo Power is the much hoped-for succession of Flower, the design of the video ad was of course eagerly awaited. Patrick Guedj, the director of Kenzo commercials for almost several years now, has created the Kenzo Power film with his aestheticism imbued with poetry. The muse of Kenzo Power, Andy Gillet, dreams and shivers in front of the beautiful white tulip that he holds with his fingertips. The pretty silhouette moving like the flower in the wind in the background leads us to make the beautiful comparison between the softness of the skin of the beloved woman and the soft touch of the petal of the tulip. The woman is a flower or is the flower a woman for the man of Kenzo Power?

Kenzo Power therefore draws us “The power of a flower.” A wild, nervous and poetic tulip, penciled in black. »According to Kenzo for Kenzo Power.

Kenzo Power or the abstract florality of spicy, woody and sensual notes

The Kenzo Power bottle, all in curves and in metallic transparencies, is intended to be the glass representation of a sake bottle designed by Kenya Hara for Ma suichi Ichimura. “Mirror metal. Simple curves. Pure form ”are Kenzo’s key words for the Kenzo Power bottle.

The top notes of Kenzo Power display a very original blend of tonic and tangy bergamot mixed with daring and panache with cardamom and coriander to offer a start of character. Then the labdanum offers itself with its animal power to an abstract flower, making us think of the iris or the rose powdering the wild force like a soft cloud. Finally, the amber force of tolu balm joins the woody force of cedar to create a woody trail of beautiful sensuality.

“An imaginary flower, woody amber. Created by Olivier Polge. An abstract florality, a sensation. »Tells us Kenzo for Kenzo Power. Obviously, this tulip flower is soft like velvet but also powerful like the wild beast to remind us of the strengths and weaknesses of a skin that seeks its prey, its alter-ego …

Kenzo Power Eau de Toilette for Men

Released in 2008, “Kenzo Power Eau de Toilette Homme ”is the representation of an imaginary tulip. As with all his compositions, Kenzo Takada has placed nature at the heart of “Kenzo Power Eau de Toilette”. Here, it is more particularly the wild tulip that Kenzo puts in the spotlight. Both poetic and virile, the “Kenzo Power” fragrance has found a perfect balance between softness and masculinity. The harmony, although perfect, is very subtle here, which makes “Kenzo Power” unlike any other perfume.

Kenzo Power Homme, a poetry by Olivier Polge

Olivier Polge is the son of the talented perfumer Jacques Polge, who was the official perfumer for the house of Chanel for over 20 years. Born in 1974 in Grasse, Olivier Polge methodically follows in his father’s footsteps. He began his career in 1998 by being hired within the company IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances). Five years later, he signed his first bestseller “Dior Homme” by Dior, a men’s fragrance, which for the first time uses iris in overdose. From then on, Olivier Polge is considered a genius. Ultra talented and intuitive, Olivier Polge succeeded his father, within Chanel creations in 2013. We owe him magnificent successes such as “Spicebomb” by Viktor & amp; Rolf, “Repetto Eau de Parfum” by Repetto or even “La Vie est Belle” by Lancôme.

Kenzo Power Homme, an abstract florality

“Kenzo Power Homme” takes off on the liveliness of bergamot. This is quickly enhanced by coriander and cardamom, giving the composition its masculine strength. The origin of cilantro is uncertain even though it is located in the Middle East. In Europe, coriander is used for its medicinal properties, mainly digestive. Cilantro has a strong odor, which is why it was used to ward off lice in the Middle Ages. An aromatic plant, coriander is used in many dishes. In perfumery, we use seeds reduced to powder, then distilled with water vapor. Coriander gives off peppery, zesty and also lavender tones.

Then, the heart of “Kenzo Power Homme” is very feminine, because it is composed of rose, freesia and jasmine. Native to South Africa, freesia is a very fragrant plant. The name freesia dates back to 1866 and was given to it in honor of a German physician called Freese. The freesia symbolizes unconditional love, grace and purity. The freesia note is reproduced in the laboratory and gives off suave tones close to those of jasmine.

Finally, the base of “Kenzo Power Homme” is ultra sensual and combines tolu balm, labdanum and cedar, for a most masculine trail. With simple shapes, the “Kenzo Power” bottle is abstract and entirely covered with mirror-like metal, for extreme refinement.

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