Jungle Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo

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Jungle Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo is a 1998 Woody Spicy Cologne by Kenzo for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Nutmeg, Ambrette, Lime. Middle notes are Gaiac wood, Cedar, Mate. Base notes are Benzoin, White musks, Pine.

Jungle Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo
Jungle Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo


Jungle Homme: The Indomitable Zebra by Kenzo

Woody, spicy, strong in character as in stripes, Kenzo Jungle Le zèbre has not hesitated to explore the most beautiful wild natural raw materials to offer men a distinguished fragrance.

Jungle Man or man in search of his roots, his freedom, his raw animality

Kenzo perfumes are often the fruit of precious crossbreeding between the West, the East and the African continent. With Jungle pour Femme, interbreeding became a reality brought to life by an Asian muse with incandescent blond hair. With Jungle Homme the handsome Satya Oblette, originally from Pondicherry, comes to cast his blue eyes and his platinum blond hair spiky in a streaked mane to our astonished eyes first of all, then marveled. This physical peculiarity will also be, among so many other qualities, the recipe for its incredible success.

Kenzo Jungle wishes to mark itself deeply in a mixture of genres but also in a mixture of cultures. In particular thanks to a deep visual where the muse poses, like a brave all-powerful zebra, with Kenzo Jungle as a trophy. Because the man of this Jungle Zebra is above all a man of temperament, original, a bit ironic but above all powerful.

The zebra, the animal mascot of this fragrance, was chosen by Kenzo for its independence and its taste for freedom: “The KENZO jungle zebra is elegant, lively, indomitable. He needs space and thirst for freedom. He imposes his temperament: very masculine. »Kenzo for Kenzo Jungle Homme.

The spicy and balsamic scents of a very manly Kenzo Jungle Zèbre

The Jungle Homme bottle was cut for the jungle, for adventure. Its beveled angles are intended to be sharp, the cabochon is adorned with a raw zebra mane and cut like a warrior’s headdress and its camouflage designed on the glass to represent the famous zebra makes it possible to always add more character to this beautiful savage. that we dream of taming. The fragrance “with a thousand memories” of the world could well be tamed but will never lose its ardor!

“I would like a plural scent, rich in a thousand memories and intensely minimal. To be able to zap new tastes in the most beautiful spice markets in the world, taste unknown aromas and reassure myself in the warmth of the most precious woods. »Olivier Cresp for Kenzo Jungle Zèbre.

From the top notes of Jungle pour Homme, we are surprised by the fresh and tangy lime mixed, very surprisingly, with a maté note announcing from the outset the smoky and balsamic facets of the perfume. Then the spicy and powerful heart like a galloping zebra is built around powerfully wild ambrette seeds and nutmeg. Finally, Atlas cedar plays with its leathery facets to combine with guaiac wood. These beautiful woody depths will blend with delight in a bewitching Siam benzoin.

Wild, sensual, and distinguished, the man of Kenzo Jungle Zèbre knows how to return to the roots of the earth to better escape futility .. .

The Kenzo house likes to offer the furiously offbeat and mixed universe of its founder Kenzo Takada in original and creative fragrances. It smells beautiful opened the ball of Kenzo fragrances which, year after year, became even more original, like the opulent Jungle pour Femme in 1996. But the great lady will also be accompanied by an equally powerful man thanks to the talents of Olivier Cresp and his Spicy and Addictive Jungle pour Homme.

Jungle pour Homme or the powerful zebra of perfumer Olivier Cresp for Kenzo

Contrary to what the ‘one might think that Kenzo perfumes are not just bottles that exude the Asian origins of its founder in soft and flowery fragrances. With the thunderous Jungle pour Femme, Kenzo demonstrated it by offering a fruity, spicy and opulent “Elephant” much closer to the African continent than to the lands of Asia. Dominique Ropion and Kenzo hit hard and upset the tender and zen images of the house.

Contrary to what one might also think, Olivier Cresp is not only the author of Angel and magnificent gourmet perfumes for women. With L’Eau de Kenzo and its refined scents but especially with Jungle pour Homme, he reminds us that before being the author of the first gourmet perfume in history, he was a perfumer who delighted in transfiguring the woody notes of which vetiver, her favorite raw material.

“I may also find it easier to work with feminine fragrances than with masculine ones. Having said that, in men’s perfumes, I made beautiful juices like Jungle pour homme by Kenzo, which is based on spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, it’s a very powerful fragrance, well woody because I loved Femininity. du Bois, there is a nod to this fragrance. “& Nbsp; Olivier Cresp for Au feminine about Jungle pour Homme.

So Jungle pour Homme, known as Le Zèbre, is going to break the codes and shake up ready-made ideas to offer these gentlemen a powerful fragrance, wild and deliciously Africanized.

Wood, spices and citrus fruits for a burning and deliciously exotic Kenzo Zebra

Jungle pour Homme is therefore propelling its creator Olivier Cresp just like the Kenzo brand. where we weren’t expecting them. Yet with Jungle released a year earlier, Kenzo had already amazed his daring. But its alter ego Jungle pour Homme, the house persists and signs by making spicy and woody heat the stars of its masculine fragrance, which was still a rarity at the time, let us remember.

Thus Jungle pour Homme announces from its entry a shattering start in a lime-ambrette-nutmeg accord marrying with incredible strength all the greatest scent powers. Then at the heart it is the mysterious and exotic woods that become velvety. Finally, the contrasts of Jungle pour Homme will once again be highlighted by a spicy and nervous note of pine married to the gluttony and roundness of benzoin and white musks.

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