Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior Eau de Toilette

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Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior Eau de Toilette is a 2007 Woody Aquatic New Freshness Cologne by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Louise Turner . Top notes are Orange Blossom. Middle notes are Vetiver. Base notes are Vanilla.

Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior Eau de Toilette
Fahrenheit 32 Christian Dior Eau de Toilette


Fahrenheit 32: Dior transforms fire into “hot” ice

Fahrenheit 32 released almost 20 years after the original fiery juice, is just as stunning as its famous predecessor but boldly proposing a reverse position. Fahrenheit 32 is pure, white and solar the better to exalt the man who is in him …

Burning masculinity turns to ice thanks to Fahrenheit 32

Few of the perfumes with a powerful trail can afford to offer a universe that completely breaks with the classics of its time, Fahrenheit was one of them. After having administered an admirable Poison to these ladies in 1985, Dior dared Fahrenheit in 1988 for these gentlemen. And it is a success!

Fahrenheit not only offers an intoxicating and powerful scent composition, daring of olfactory modernities, but also a dreamlike and inflamed universe all its own. Why not then offer him his opposite alter-ego? This will be done thanks to the frosted Fahrenheit 32, named so to play with this opposition, the temperature of 32 Fahrenheit melting the ice into water …

Of course, to delight Fahrenheit 32 customers, it was necessary to offer an advertising campaign to match the one made by Ridley Scott for Fahrenheit in the past. And the film of the pretty immaculate Fahrenheit 32 will not disappoint: a universe of powerful mineral whiteness offered on a grandiose and panoramic image filming a man facing the immensity. Once again, man rises to the challenge and rises in the face of the elements, and once again, Fahrenheit does not disappoint!

In Fahrenheit 32 the orange blossom replaced the mythical violet …

The beautiful flamed bottle of red and orange reflections of Fahrenheit was designed by the artist Jacques Rosenquist from a sublime error in handling of the company Saint-Gobain, manufacturer of the bottle. Thanks to this blunder, the way to create the Fahrenheit glass bottle was found and its originality remains undeniable. Fahrenheit 32 therefore offers the very elongated design of the precious original bottle, using reflections of white this time to imagine icy reflections.

As for the fragrance of Fahrenheit 32, if the magnificent floral woody accords remain, the biggest novelty offered seems to be the change from the violet note to an orange blossom note with a different facet from its usual use …

Indeed, the orange blossom offered as a top note abandons its suave and sweet side to offer its greenest and spicier facets. Then the heart built around Madagascar vanilla does not hesitate to provide the pretty masculine scent with touches of delicacies and spicy facets accompanied by a few floral notes of aldehydes. Finally, Haitian vetiver offers the singularity of its powerful and exotic woody scents to remind us of the sweet sensuality of eternal Fahrenheit, this time transformed into a frosty odyssey …

This crystalline and light oriental wants to be deep and sensitive like the beautiful masculinity that he proposes to represent in his communication. This does not prevent it from having retained the originality of its scents as well as the natural power of its woody aspect.

“Creativity, distinction and character: the Fahrenheit signature is unique, both virile and subtle, for men who love freedom. »Dior for Fahrenheit 32.

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