Extrait Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior

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Extrait Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior is a 2014 Oriental Leather Powdery Extract by Christian Dior for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy . Top notes are Lavender, Bergamot, Basil, Bigarade. Middle notes are Pink. Base notes are Cinnamon, Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Leather, Iris, Cedar, Cade, Carrot.

Extrait Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior
Extrait Dior Homme Parfum Christian Dior


Dior Homme Parfum, an essence of Man seen by Dior

Suave and powerful, Dior Homme Parfum sticks to the skin of the tender and sexy man who wears it, what better than a young vampire to embody it?

A vampiric actor for a mysterious perfume: Robert Pattinson and Dior Homme Parfum

Since its beginnings in perfumery, Dior Homme has seen beautiful male muses such as Jude Law. However, with the release in 2014 of the intoxicating oriental Dior Homme Parfum, Dior decided to change course by focusing this time on a man much younger than usual: Robert Pattinson, the spirited vampire of Twilight. By choosing this muse glorified by an audience mainly 15-25 years old, Dior is embarking on the frantic race of the quest for the love of youth, eternal?

Be that as it may, Robert Pattinson brings to this new very masculine-chic juice a breath of freshness and additional impertinence by easily making you forget the falsely implicit “fragrance for men” aspect of previous campaigns. The advertising spot shot by Romain Gavras features a totally rock n’roll Robert Pattinson, totally rebellious and yet, it seems, very tender at heart.

Like a James Dean of modern times, the Dior Homme Parfum man doesn’t give a damn about clichés, plays with his good looks while tenderly embracing his sweetheart. The atmosphere of the deliberately dark black and white film (matching the amber color of the perfume by the way) adds a touch of Dior elegance to a very Led Zeppelin graphic ensemble. Finally, the visual offered in the form of “pins” reminiscent of social network publications once again confirms the modernity of the Dior house and its new fragrance Dior Homme Parfum.

Intense materials for an original and sensual virility < / h2>

Dior Homme Parfum is presented in the unique bottle of the original Dior Homme, father of all fragrances. Designed by Heidi Slimane, the powerful square of glass with the broad middle part seems to have the juice that it preciously encloses. For this new intense opus from Dior Homme, the bottle is naturally dressed in smoky black, bringing out the originality of the steel tube as if immersed in the perfume.

The scent composition of Dior Homme Parfum does not go by four ways and highlights in a completely obvious way the know-how of Dior and Demachy with regard to the choice of exceptional raw materials. In top notes, it is the irises of Tuscany and the oranges of Italy which open the ball. Accompanied by bitter orange and aromatic notes of basil and lavender, the opening is fresh, citrusy and subtly powdery with the famous iris which, moreover, offers facets of warm bread.

At the heart, the emblematic rose of Dior accompanied by the soft and woody wonders of sandalwood from Sri Lanka offers a unique blend of great amber virility and pretty floral femininity. A tender man in reality. Finally, the proposed trail is extremely sensual, mixing woody notes of cedar and sandalwood with cinnamon while leaning on a caramelized leather note counterbalanced by the sweetness of iris and vanilla.

“Dior Homme Parfum represents the quintessence of Dior Male ”according to Dior. What more can be said? That this man is handsome, tender, mysterious, strong as the cedar and gentle as the iris at the same time. Dior sells a dream, Dior Homme Parfum offers such a sweet reality …

Released in 2014, “ Dior Homme Eau de Parfum ”embodies the modern man according to Christian Dior. The “Dior Homme” Eau de Parfum follows on from the Eau de Toilette which saw the light of day in 2005. Both elegant and seductive, the Eau de Parfum is just as elegant as its predecessor. Nevertheless, “Dior Homme Eau de Parfum” is meant to be more dazzling and even more sensual. It is a fragrance that represents the quintessence of “Dior Homme”. Pushed to its climax, the man’s virility will only become more attractive.

The perfumer François Demachy and the Dior Homme saga

The “Dior saga Homme ”began in 2005 with Eau de Toilette“ Dior Homme ”. Born in Cannes, François Demachy had a “revelation” about the profession of perfumer, while he was learning that of dentist. After working for Chanel, François Demachy was hired by the house of Dior to be his “nose”. Because he embodies “the daring spirit and the creative outburst of the Dior house”, François Demachy makes the link between the fashion house’s past and its future. Because he spent his childhood in Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, François Demachy is committed to celebrating with passion the flowers of his country. After the success of “Dior Homme, l’Eau de Toilette”, François Demachy will offer several variations, namely “Dior Homme Cologne, Dior Homme Intense” or even “Dior Homme Sport”.

Dior Homme, a ardent woody fragrance

According to François Demachy, “Dior Homme escapes all stereotypes of masculinity. It explores a new virility, immediate and yet complex “…” Dior Homme, Eau de Parfum “begins with notes of Tuscan iris. Iris Pallida, also called “the Tuscan iris”, is the benchmark of all perfumers and also the pride of Tuscany. Today, iris is cultivated in the Landes, France, but also in Morocco. The iris is an elegant and racy flower that seems to hide a treasure. Along with oud, iris is the most expensive ingredient in perfumery. Here, alone as a top note, the iris will sublimate the composition as a whole. The heart of “Dior Homme l’Eau de Parfum” is filled with sandalwood from Sri Lanka, which gives the fragrance a most carnal sensuality. Sandalwood is combined with rose for a part of undisguised femininity. Despite its 4000-year history, sandalwood only appeared in perfumery in the 20th century. It is a noble material that has played a significant role in all religious rituals. In perfumery, sandalwood is very popular today. It gives off woody, oriental, powdery or even milky tones. Finally, the base of “Dior Homme” is fiery and ultra powerful, because it is composed of an accord of leather, cedar wood, vanilla and ambrette. The bottle takes the codes of its elder, the Eau de Toilette before as much elegance as sobriety.

A masculine fragrance par excellence,” Dior Homme Eau de Parfum “is a composition by François Demachy made with noble ingredients, such as Tuscan iris.

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