Egoïste Chanel Eau de Toilette

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Egoïste Chanel Eau de Toilette is a 1990 Woody Spicy Cologne by Chanel for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge . Top notes are Mandarin, Peach, Coriander. Middle notes are Cinnamon, Pink, Cloves, Plum. Base notes are Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Myrrh, Ambrette, Cedar.

Egoïste Chanel Eau de Toilette
Egoïste Chanel Eau de Toilette


Égoïste: An original perfume for men with mysterious and amber charms …

And yet the “Selfish” man will capsize hearts and make Madonnas tremble with his original and sensual fragrance as well as with his communication signed with a masterful advertisement by Jean-Paul Goude.

“Égoïste” a shock advertisement for a chic perfume!

How not to have been deeply marked by the sensational advertisements created by Jean-Paul Goude for the house of Chanel? The very first that caused a sensation was the one filmed by the great director for “Egotist” and then the wonderful and enchanting campaign of “Coco” with Vanessa as a bird of paradise …

The “Egoist “man is sassy, ​​seductive and devastating, so his advertising will be in his image: rowdy, outrageously dramatic and totally scripted to perfection by a masterful Jean-Paul Goude. Like a movie, the setting of the Carlton planted in the middle of the desert will make 300 workers work for a month to obtain a sumptuous facade where the women will type their rages in the shutters of the palace until the man so “Selfish” » Finally shows… her perfume …

This aesthetic and dramatic advertisement, which plays both on the visual and on the rhythm to the sound of a dramatic Prokofiev, will mark the spirits to the point that Jean-Paul Goude will be awarded a Golden Lion in Cannes during the International Festival of The advertisement. The “Egoist” perfume will hold the attention for decades by the originality of its advertising as of its fragrance.

When a “Bois des Iles” from 1926 created a scent of “Egotist” in 1990 …

The “Egoist” Man is a man of character, a powerful and strong man who takes his roots in the values ​​of the house of Chanel to better bring them back, almost 70 years later, thanks to an inspired and inspiring master perfumer Jacques Polge! “Beau des Iles” a magnificent sensual and warm spicy, was created by Ernest Beaux under the inspiration of Mademoiselle Coco in 1926, in 1987 Jacques Polge decided to revive it in an even more daring way in “Bois Noir”, which unfortunately does not met little success.

Far from abandoning this magnificent olfactory trail, Polge and Chanel relaunched themselves in this adventure by creating from the deliciously spicy and amber composition the beautiful and complex “Egoïste” in 1990. It is a success !

And for good reason… The clean and clean lines of the bottle, faithful to the classicism of the Chanel perfume house, do not let you guess what to expect. However, from the top notes mixing mandarin with gourmet and fruity notes of peach accented with an aromatic touch of coriander, the sensation of being elsewhere hits the mark.

Then the delicate hearts of Turkish rose mixed with fruity notes of plum powerfully enhanced by a cocktail of spicy scents of cinnamon and cloves envelop us and lead us to its suave depths of woody and balsamic notes. The fundamentally “Egoist” man will trace his trail in sensual and intoxicating notes of New Caledonian sandalwood, patchouli and ambrette articulated around a woody and spicy column of cedar and tonka bean which will blossom in the trees. gourmet and original sweets of vanilla from Madagascar.

The “Selfish” man is timeless, he is “Independent and elusive. Uncompromising personality. Fascinating. According to Chanel. It is certainly for this reason and so many others that the beautiful “Egoist” of Chanel knew how to cross the ages without taking a wrinkle …

While the house of Chanel still offers its extraordinary N ° 5 with great success, novelties are much rarer in the 80s. This was without counting on the extraordinary creativity of Jacques Polge, the official brand perfumer, who in just a few fragrances will shake up Chanel codes. With his Egoïste, Jacques Polge offers men who were just waiting for that an original and daring fragrance. Egoïste is still today a cult perfume from the house of Chanel for its unforgettable imprint …

When Jacques Polge offers his daring, a handsome Egoist is born!

We are at the beginning of the 80s and the house of Chanel keeps its beautiful aura through its mythical perfumes N ° 5, Cuir de Russie, N ° 22 or the last feminine perfume to date: Cristalle. However, this novelty dates from the 70s and since then, nothing new on the horizon… Until the day when Jacques Polge was appointed official perfumer of this so rich house . The man wants to preserve the Chanel heritage but also to transform it to continue to make the aura of Chanel shine with more modernity. And without question, Jacques Polge will completely renew the image of the house. Selfish, the precious masculine that he will offer to Chanel in 1990 will certainly be its most beautiful symbol.

Egoïste wants to be the perfume of a sophisticated and very elegant man Chanel but also the perfume of a generation of men who seek as much a virile perfume as a perfume of modern and dark seducer.

Jacques Polge, very attentive to novelties and trends, will show that he knows how to handle the classic citrus, aromatic or woody notes of male perfumery as well as floral and fruity notes, on the other hand , they are much more original, even for some totally daring.

“ EGOIST stands out as the perfume of a man whose power of seduction rests on a n assertive character. Independent and elusive. Uncompromising personality. “Chanel for Egoiste.

Selfish, when men’s perfume makes its revolution …

In addition to the fact that Jacques Polge will know how to bring back to Chanel a wind of extraordinary creativity, Egoïste will go further than shaking up the Chanel codes, he will shake up the codes of male perfumery which, in the 80s, was mainly looking for fashion. opulence of classic notes or the power of a nameless manhood of Drakkar and other wonders.

“ In retrospect, it was a risky bet. Already because the masculinization of a woman’s perfume in a woman’s house has been misunderstood. And then, at the time, I remember that in the plane, businessmen felt the after-shave, explains Jacques Polge. “Madame Le Figaro on Jacques Polge’s Egoiste.

Because Egoïste has nothing in common with the other men’s perfumes of the time. Moreover, it takes its root in a feminine perfume, Bois Noir composed by Ernest Beaux in 1926. It is to say if it wants to be different! Yet already offered in a very confidential way to the public under the name of Bois noir before, Egoïste will blow us subtle hot and cold tunes which will totally subjugate men by finally offering them the beauty of explosive contrasts until then still reserved for feminine perfumes.

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