Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat, the new shine of Chanel

Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat, the new shine of Chanel
Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat, the new shine of Chanel

For many women, not long ago, the gloss only embodied an old memory of their adolescence and corresponded to a sticky product and not necessarily very pleasant to wear. However, the gloss is currently making a comeback and has greatly evolved. Today, it allows you to take care of your mouth while adding volume to your lips. In this sense, Chanel got up to date and recently presented us her new Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat. So, focus on this new product but also on the new muse of the house …

The new Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat collection

The Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat range is an assortment of new generation glosses bringing shine and hydration to your mouth. These now have a non-sticky gel texture. Likewise, if we once equated glosses with bland, colorless products, this image is also far behind us. From now on, the Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat are equipped with colored pigments for a more or less covering makeup, according to your desires. These are used with a “cocoon” tip which greatly facilitates application. So, putting on makeup will be child’s play!

In addition, the curved part of this tip helps to make up the lower lip while its curved part is specially designed for the upper lip. What’s more, to take care of your mouth, Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat are enriched with a moisturizing and softening complex. Their melting texture notably contains jojoba, sunflower and mimosa oil. Finally, everything is available in an infinite number of colors, 24 shades to be precise, from the most natural to the most intense. You will be spoiled for choice to sublimate your mouth and give it a more fleshy appearance.

Lily Rose Depp, face of Chanel

At the same time, note that the Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat has already acquired a prestigious muse . Chanel has set her sights on the seductive Lily Rose Depp, daughter of the famous Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Already the face of the Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau perfume, she once again honors her status as a beauty ambassador and brilliantly advertises this new make-up. Besides, if you watch television at all, you couldn’t miss her pretty face! She appears there wearing a little sequined dress and presents her new Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat ultra pigmented and shiny with a radiant smile.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Lily Rose Depp is already talking about her a lot despite her young age. Indeed, at barely 17 years old, she has already been Karl Lagarfeld’s muse for several months and seems to be paving the way for the highest podiums on the planet.

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