Prada Candy Night, the scented novelty

Prada Candy Night, the scented novelty
Prada Candy Night, the scented novelty

Candy Night, when Prada’s candy plays the card of seduction

Prada is the perfect embodiment of Italian elegance. However, this luxury brand does not fail to preserve a touch of madness! If this starts with her couture creations, the audacity of the Prada woman can also be seen in her many perfumes. The iconic Prada Candy perfume from 2011 is there to bear witness to this. Today, he reinvents himself and takes us to a more nocturnal universe. Candy Night plays the register of sensuality while fully subscribing to the trend of sweet perfumes of the moment.

Candy Night, the sensual and greedy breath of Prada

Prada Candy Night is part of the same gourmet register as its predecessors, while deploying a more enigmatic and mysterious facet. It starts off with a fruity and sparkling scent of orange. This zesty citrus gives off a powerful dynamism here. Then, all the sweet flavor of Candy Night explodes in her heart. Prada dares here a very daring combination of chocolate and caramel. With such a duo, Prada Candy Night already promises to seduce all the gourmet women of our time. Fully anchored in the sweet trends of current perfumery, this perfume nevertheless preserves a deep rootedness and does not fall into the escalation of sweets and sentimentality. Its euphoric energy gradually softens and its base becomes more pure and airy. Candy Night finally ends with an evanescent trail of white musk.

Candy Night, the scent of a tempting and sparkling woman

As you will have understood, this new perfume is aimed at all women who are not afraid of anything. With it, don’t expect to go unnoticed! Candy Night plays the sensuality card and intends to make your mouth water! With him, the duality of women is fully expressed and Candy Night here lets appear a powerful contradiction between her overflowing energy and her addictive sweetness. Prada Candy Night is an immediately seductive juice, both colorful and unpredictable. He takes us with him in a whirlwind of mischief and leaves in memory an explosion of flavors. Excessive and passionate, he is pure pleasure, leaving an indelible mark behind his passage. It is an invitation to live life boldly!

Prada opts for a timeless and elegant bottle

Its bottle, meanwhile, is just as confusing. It is quite simply impossible to pass by him without noticing him! Prada Candy Night forms a slender glass column, the top of which is covered with a black leather ribbon, on which the name Prada stands out in gold letters. Its pink base evolves into a darker gradient. Candy Night is like the last light of day. The night suddenly seems to seize his bottle. Candy Night is also topped with a particularly original pump-stopper. The latter forms a shiny black half-moon, perched on a golden collar, a retro touch to the entire Prada Candy collection.

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