Nikolai Danielsen in the Azzaro Wanted ad

Nikolai Danielsen in the Azzaro Wanted ad
Nikolai Danielsen in the Azzaro Wanted ad

The Azzaro brand was created by Loris Azzaro, an Italian with a particularly Mediterranean temperament. In other words, he is described as a man who loves women and displays an extraordinary virility. Moreover, this is felt through each of his creations. Thus, Azzaro Wanted was designed in the same vein as its elders. It is a concentrate of masculinity contained in a barrel-shaped bottle. Also, in order to embody the new man Azzaro, it is the talented Nikolai Danielsen that the brand has appealed this time.

Who is Azzaro’s new face?

It was therefore to the dandy Nikolai Danielsen that Azzaro appealed to interpret the image of Wanted. It must be said that this one has everything of the Azzaro man. He displays extraordinary beauty and a sculptural body much appreciated by women. What is more, he does not lack temperament and his “bad-boy” side fits perfectly with the image of the house. This thirty-year-old model of Norwegian origin, and having grown up near Oslo, made a name for himself by winning the Mister Norway competition. What’s more, he also represented his country at the M. International 2011 final in Bangkok. More recently, he also made a very notable appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, he has always shown great tenacity to achieve his goals. He has distinguished himself on several occasions in the field of kick boxing, a sport which remains a very great passion for him today. However, don’t be fooled by this rebellious appearance. Nikolai Danielsen also shows his share of sensitivity. He is very involved in charities and helps sick or needy children. Thus, just like the Wanted Eau de Toilette, its muse does indeed seem to have many facets.

Advertising for Wanted Eau de Toilette

Nikolaï Danielsen is therefore already visible in an advertisement lasting around 40 seconds for Eau de Toilette Wanted. The latter is played on a soundtrack by The Heavy called “Same Ol”. We see Nikolai Danielsen in a succession of scenes, each more atypical and sulphurous than the next. He first appears at the wheel of a car whose trunk contains a sublime creature in underwear, immersed in a bath of rose petals and enjoying a glass of champagne. The latter then immortalizes a languid and very erotic kiss through a selfie taken using his mobile phone. He then dives into crystal clear water without even bothering to take off his costume. There, he accidentally meets a shark. Too bad for the animalwho will then succumb to his wounds! He thus becomes the idol of the female gente who does not hesitate to do everything possible to seduce the handsome brunette. Wanted thus becomes the symbol of a beloved and seductive man who does not lack humor. Everything promises to be well emulated .

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