New Meteorites Baby Glow Pearls

New Meteorites Baby Glow Pearls
New Meteorites Baby Glow Pearls

Glowing peachy skin thanks to Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls from Guerlain

Guerlain is a prestigious brand that we no longer present as its reputation spreads all over the planet. Also, if it now has a huge range of make-up products, some of them are best seller figures. This is particularly the case with the Meteorites range. Her little balls of colored powder have become the idols of the most beautiful women on the planet. Also, as if to perfect their prestige, Guerlain is constantly reinventing them. It is therefore in this continuity that the Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls were created.

Meteorites, a cult product from Guerlain

Guerlain is a French brand and that we no longer presentand who is now adored by many women on the planet, including the biggest stars. It must be said that the brand competes in ingenuity to meet the needs of our time while sublimating women with makeup in perfect harmony with the times. It is in this sense that the Meteorites were created in 1987. These are now one of the brand’s best-sellers. It is in particular the first loose powder to have seen the light of day without being in a conventional form. Meteorites are made up of a multitude of colored balls whose powder has been compacted so as not to fly away at the slightest draft. Thus, under their rather unexpected aspect, Meteorites are particularly practical.

The new colors of Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls

If the concept of Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls is more or less the same as that of its predecessors, its little colored beads have now changed in appearance. In particular, they have swapped their initial colors for new colors. However, don’t get me wrong, each of them has a specific function … Pearly pink helps fight against dull complexion. The mauve is used to catch the light. Matte pink revives the color. Finally, the champagne pearls harmonize everything and give your face more freshness. To use these pearls, nothing could be simpler: just use the Meteorites brush from Guerlain and roll the pearls between them.

These then release enough powder that you can then apply to your face. Guerlain’s Happy Glow Pearls Meteorites contain diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres. These contain unparalleled shine. They help to strengthen the light on your skin while reading your complexion and leaving a unique feeling of softness. Finally, also note that the whole is enriched with a delicious perfume based on violet, a flower with an absolutely irresistible powdery smell.

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