Escada – Cherry in the Air

Escada - Cherry in the Air

Escada invites you to discover its new fragrance, Cherry in the Air…

“Cherry in the Air”

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Cherry in the Air is Escada’s new spring/summer limited edition-an irresistible scent inspired by cherry blossoms’ fresh and sweet scent. Colorful and delicious, their tantalizing aroma stimulates the senses, evoking juvenile reveries of cycling with friends through the orchards of southern France.

Cherry in the Air-Le Parfum

The new limited edition ESCADA fragrance is eagerly awaited by modern women. Many designers are incorporating fruit and floral prints into their collections as a playful celebration of summer. ESCADA is known for its fruity summer scents, and since the cherry is such an evocative symbol of summer joy, it is the perfect inspiration for this new edition.

The fragrance is a luminous and airy reinvention of the cherry, which captures the irresistible quality of the fruit while reflecting the carefree “joie de vivre.”

Top Notes – Cherry in the Air

Escada - Cherry in the Air
Escada-Cherry in the Air

The scent opens with top notes of juicy black cherry and raspberry, full of summer ripeness, while an underlying hint of mandarin lends an energizing burst of freshness.

Heart Notes—Cherry in the Air

In the heart, the lightness of gardenia petals is enriched with the greedy smoothness of coconut, orchid, and vanilla. The mixture with the note of marshmallow gives the perfume its unique character.

Base Notes: Cherry in the Air

Sandalwood, oak, and musks are mixed in the base with a creamy white suede accord, reinforcing the fragrance’s seductive character.

Cherry in the Air-Le Packaging

Escada - Cherry in the Air Pub
Escada-Cherry in the Air Pub

The Flask-Cherry in the Air Escada

ESCADA Cherry in the Air features the shape of the brand’s iconic bottle. Its vibrant gradient color represents the perfect blend of ESCADA’s signature pink and the blush of ripe cherries, which is enhanced with a hint of luxury with the satin bow detail. The design has been enhanced by adding a cherry on the bottle and a ring on the cap, which can be worn as a piece of jewelry.

The ring’s design is very much on trend for spring/summer 2013.

In L’Etui-Escada, Cherry in the Air

Illustrator Margot Mace created the exclusive design. Her authentic creative approach makes her a fitting choice for ESCADA, admired by fashionistas and discerning artistic directors from Tokyo to Paris.

“In my job, I feel free to do whatever is possible. I don’t like working with a computer program, so I do my illustrations by hand. I want to feel the texture and the smell of the paper and its pencil as I create lines with spontaneous movements. ”Margot Mace, illustrator

Escada - Cherry in the Air Milk
Escada-Cherry in the Air Milk

Cherry in the Air-Stock Illustrations

The illustration shows a pretty young woman riding a bicycle through a cherry orchard, her blonde hair and her vaporous pink dress blowing in the wind as cherries fall from the trees in abundance, filling the basket attached to her handlebars. She wears roses in her hair, a garland of wildflowers around her neck, and an expression of pure joy on her face. Mace was able to draw on his happy memories to create this endearing scene.

“I rode my bike daily during my studies and felt so happy and free. ”

The new Escada Cerise in the Air is available in 30, 50, and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

Body milk with the scent of the perfume will complete the range. It will be available in 150ml.

Parfums Femme

Floral – Fruité

Notes de Tête : Cerise, Mandarine.

Notes de Coeur : Framboise, Guimauve, Gardénia.

Notes de Fond : Bois de Santal, Vanille.

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