Code Colonia, the new charm of Armani

Code Colonia, the new charm of Armani
Code Colonia, the new charm of Armani

In 2016, the house of Armani had already offered us a new juice called Code Profumo, described as being a warm, intense and vibrant fragrance. In 2017, the atmosphere is quite different. Armani Code Colonia seems to focus more on freshness. However, the brand has managed to maintain the impeccable elegance of its line of perfumes. Its look, falsely inspired by a Cologne, nonetheless gives off the image of a magnetic man. This one seems to have all the codes of seduction, and that is precisely what he plays in the advertising for this new perfume.

American Chris Pine as Armani muse

To embody the image of the man Code Colonia, Armani enlisted the help of Californian actor Chris Pine. It must be said that this one was always intended for an artistic career. Moreover, he is the grandson of a Hollywood actress of the 30s and 40s, Anne Gwynne as well as two actor parents, Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford. So he seemed predestined to follow the same path. He therefore studied English alongside drama. Then, he began in the world of theater before embarking on a film career in various short films and television series. Her appearance as Anne Hathaway’s suitor in A Princess Wedding marked her first role on the big screen. From then on, he made a series of films of all kinds, whether thrillers with Blind Dating, light comedies like in Lucky Girl, horror films … Nevertheless, it is indeed his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek that really propelled his notoriety. Today, nothing seems to be able to resist this talented actor, especially not the women who can only succumb to his intense gaze and his charming smile.

Code Colonia, an advertisement full of class and determination

Armani Code Colonia is a fragrance that exudes absolute chic, virile strength and a seductive spirit. These are its codes… Those found in its advertising. It begins with the sober and elegant vision of the brand name Giorgio Armani. The clip then lets us hear the sound of the music “Destinations” by Gesaffelstein, a very pop song but above all very current. The atmosphere plunges us into the heart of Chris Pine’s bathroom. Dressed in an open and impeccably ironed white shirt, this one perfects the last details of his outfit. He begins by adjusting his cufflinks before grabbing the already cult bottle of the new Colonia Code. The color of the latter then perfectly echoes the bewitching gaze of Chris Pine. Moreover, it is precisely the latter who completes this advertisement. Both sure of himself, daring and charming, Chris Pine promises to leave no one indifferent, especially women! Finally, it all ends with the slogan of Code Colonia perfume: “#FollowYourCode”.

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