Balenciaga perfume Balenciaga Paris L’Edition Mer

Balenciaga perfume Balenciaga Paris L'Edition Mer
Balenciaga perfume Balenciaga Paris L’Edition Mer

Balenciaga Paris The Sea Edition

Balenciaga launches a new edition of Balenciaga Paris (2008) . Enter the new universe of the Balenciaga house. This new version follows on from Essence (2011) and Eau Rose (2013).

Perfume – Balanciaga Paris L’Édition Mer

Original creation inspired by the depths of the ocean, this fragrance is fresh and luxurious. It opens with invigorating accords of Yuzu bergamot and Shiso leaf. The heart of the perfume is aquatic. the base of the perfume is a bass of dry woods such as sandalwood and seashell accords.

Bottle – Balanciaga Paris L’Édition Mer

The design of the bottle is inspired by the reflective water surface and pearl glow. Its glass bottle transmits different shades of blue.It also takes the architectural form of the bottle of Balenciaga Paris, which refers to a woman dressed in a cape and a Balenciaga hat, clothing emblematic of the style of the Balenciaga fashion house. The cabochon is transparent.

Balanciaga Paris The Sea Edition – Cristobal Balenciaga

Balenciage Paris L'Edition Mer
Balenciage Paris The Sea Edition

Cristobal Balenciaga is one of the greatest couturiers of the twentieth century, which earned him the nickname “master” , “couturier des couturiers”. Avant-garde designer, he totally transforms the feminine silhouette. Its style is classic and refined. The color combinations are bold and inspired by Spain. Cristobal Balenciaga opened his first fashion house in 1910. In 1936, he had to leave Spain in the grip of a civil war. He moved to Paris in 1937 and opened his fashion house at 10 avenue George V.

Olfactory Family: Hesperides – Aquatic

Top Notes: Bergamot, Yuzu, Shiso Leaf

Heart Notes : Aquatic Notes

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Shellfish Accord

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