Awaken your eyes with the Big Eyes Serum

Awaken your eyes with the Big Eyes Serum
Awaken your eyes with the Big Eyes Serum

Specialists in morphopsychology believe that having large eyes is often linked to being a great receptor. These are synonymous with open-mindedness, insatiable curiosity … However, nature has not put us all on the same footing in this matter. Rest assured, however, this is not inevitable and Clarins intends to provide you with a solution to combat your sometimes tired eyes. The brand has developed Serum Grands Yeux, a treatment specially designed to enlarge and intensify your gaze.

The key ingredients of Serum Grands Yeux

As always, to develop its Big Eyes Serum, Clarins has drawn on the best natural resources. Thus, its care dedicated to the eyes consists of two major products: persimmon and zerumbet. Persimmon is a fruit tree native to the mountains of China and Japan but also growing today in the Mediterranean basin. This forms a fleshy fruit with a smooth orange skin and an appearance very similar to that of a tomato. This energetic fruit is consumed when it is very ripe. It is recognized for its multiple virtues and is used just as much in cosmetology as in traditional medicine or in food.

In addition, its bark is astringent. The juice of its fruit helps fight against hypertension. Its calyx is an effective remedy against coughs and its fruit is full of polyphenols. It is precisely on this point that khaki is interesting for Clarins. In addition, polyphenols help to strengthen the suppleness and firmness of the epidermis. They give the skin fiber more elasticity. The zerumbet, meanwhile, is a herbaceous plant native to India and used as much medicinally as in the food, cosmetic or ornamental field. Likewise, it is a sacred plant in Polynesia. This close cousin of ginger is used here in the Big Eyes Serum because it allows tissue to be disinfiltrated.

The benefits provided by the treatment of Clarins

The Big Eyes Serum was initially developed for an audience of Asian consumers. Indeed, the latter are naturally endowed with small eyes. The idea was to still provide them with more elasticity of the skin in this area of ​​their face. Nevertheless, the marketing of Serum Grands Yeux has now spread across the globe. This contains rich plant extracts associated with each other to naturally sublimate feminine beauty. This is a refining treatment. The Big Eyes Serum allows you to enlarge the eyesby lifting and lightening the eyelids. Likewise, it makes the eye area naturally brighter. Thus, it clears up the look with each use and instantly blurs dark circles. Finally, its natural active ingredients strengthen the eyelashes and enhance your eyes day after day.

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