Astrology and perfumery, two intimately linked worlds

Astrology and perfumery, two intimately linked worlds
Astrology and perfumery, two intimately linked worlds

Male astrology and perfume

Regarding the fire signs that are the lion, sagittarius and ram men, it will be a question of choosing a scent for them that is noticeable, which highlights them with burning accords or beautiful originalities.

For the earth signs that are the bulls, the virgins and the Capricorns, on the contrary it is useless to offer them opulence! On the contrary, they will prefer the charm of the natural through woody, aquatic or even more exotic notes . The same goes more or less for the sweet dreamers and intuitive air signs that are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini men, who will seek the calm of fresh and airy perfumes for men much more than perfumes with strong wakes.

Finally, men of the sign of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio from the family of water signs, will make their choices mainly towards perfumes of seduction. Charismatic and “in love” with love, they will find themselves in the beauty of virile and charming perfumes such as deep woods or velvety gourmet perfumes , but always very masculine.

Astrology reflects a woman’s character and therefore her scent

Yes, astrology is your date of birth could well guide you in your tastes in perfumery. As we explained earlier, all the signs are grouped into four large families and each of these families has favorite scents.

When it comes to air signs, women of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius signs will often be drawn to fresh, citrusy , sometimes marine scents that will boost their energy and vitality.

For the signs of fire, both charming and incandescent, it will be the fragrances with a strong presence that will highlight them the most, such as oriental and spicy scents, but also perfumes with an exotic taste.

The ladies of the earth signs family will, on the contrary, be much more discreet and will prefer flowery , delicately chypre fragrances but above all very elegant or even a bit classic.

Finally, the water signs of which the cancer, fish or scorpion ladies are part will be irresistibly attracted by perfumes that will remind them of beautiful memories of the past such as gourmet memories of childhood or romantic scents of adolescence.

Choose your perfume based on your astrological sign

The Fragrenza Perfumes website has listed the different fragrances that might suit you depending on your astrological sign. So you can now choose the perfume that suits you whether you are a woman ( here ) or a man ( here ).

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