Aqua Di Gioia, an emotion on the border between land and sea

Aqua Di Gioia, an emotion on the border between land and sea
Aqua Di Gioia, an emotion on the border between land and sea

Beyond being a perfume, Aqua Di Gioia gives the impression of being a green island with welcoming freshness. In addition, although its name is a nod to that of its male bestseller Acqua di Gio, it uses the word Gioia which means joy but also jewel. Also, this term says a lot about the optimism it exudes and the precious side of its composition. It is a fragrance that explores the theme of osmosis between woman and nature. It then mainly mixes floral, fruity and green notes while the more aquatic, woody and sweet aspects are receding.

Aqua Di Gioia, a fragrance from the islands

Aqua Di Gioia’s ambition is to arouse emotion. Also, it gives off a feeling of freedom and seems to take root in a place located on the border of the land and the sea. It symbolizes joy and this has its source in the very heart of the elements. It creates a kind of invisible link between woman and nature. Also, its scents have the gift of awakening the senses and are a call to escape. Moreover, it is inspired by a distant island where Giorgio Armani liked to relax between two creations. He therefore gathered the best of this fertile nature to put it in the heart of a glass case. It combines the water of the rain with that of the sea until both form one and the same element. Aqua Di Gioia then becomes the incarnation of a strong and serene woman, who can be as calm as she is unleashed, like the sea. Thanks to its essence, its spirit becomes one with the environment that surrounds it. It appropriates the universe and then only becomes stronger. This perfume manages to exalt the senses and radiates joy as soon as it settles on the skin.

Armani signs a very fresh composition

From the first notes of Aqua Di Gio, the effect of freshness is striking. The zesty crumpled mint of “Limone Primo Fiore Femminello”, fruit of the lemon tree from the first spring flowering in Calabria, brings incomparable dynamism. Then, water jasmine makes its appearance. He thus embodies this alliance between femininity, linked to its floral aspect, and nature, through its aquatic tones. What is more, it is a very elegant and appreciated ingredient in prestigious perfumery. The background is more mineral. We then have all the power of the earth thanks to cedar wood and labdanum. Finally, as Aqua Di Gioia is a feminine essence, Armani did not fail to add a gourmet note so much appreciated and incorporated a hint of brown sugar. The bottle is very inspired by nature. It is limpid and crystalline, like a drop of water. In addition, its curves evoke femininity and delicacy. Finally, its emerald green color prolongs the wave effect. What is more, it intensifies in the cork and it is therefore the sea that seems to seal this essence.

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