Annayake Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum, the treatment to soothe and relax your skin

Annayake Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum, the treatment to soothe and relax your skin
Annayake Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum, the treatment to soothe and relax your skin

In terms of perfumery and cosmetics, inspiration can come from all sides. At Annayake , it is clear that it very often comes from Japan, the country of origin of the founder of the brand. After all, what could be more natural when you know that Asian women are masters in the art of taking care of their skin … So it is all the Japanese know-how that we find in the Anti Nourishing Serum -Stress Wakame. If your skin is stressed and you are looking for a way to soothe it, this treatment is for you!

What is oxidative stress?

On a daily basis, the skin is subjected to numerous attacks. Among them: free radicals. These molecules are present in the air, especially in UV rays, tobacco, pesticides or chemicals. Likewise, free radicals can be provided by too rich a diet or excessive alcohol consumption. When they are too present, the body’s antioxidants can no longer fight against them. Therefore, it creates oxidative stress, one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin.

Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum to soothe the skin

To help you fight against oxidative stress, Annayake has implemented Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum. With a slightly oily formula, it instantly penetrates the heart of the cells. Used on clean, dry skin, it is applied just before your usual day cream. Ideally, it is used in the morning and in the evening. Let yourself be seduced by its delicate scent of rose and its instantaneous benefits on the epidermis! Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum helps the skin surface to get rid of tension. Very nourishing, it reduces the signs of stress and fatigue, which instantly improves the radiance of the skin. Day after day, the face appears more rested and more radiant with youth.

Wakame seaweed at the heart of Annayake’s formula

To make Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum , Annayake has bet on one of Japan’s most popular ingredients: wakame seaweed. Particularly consumed, it is as much appreciated for its taste qualities as for its virtues on the body. Wakame seaweed contains in particular:
– Antioxidant power: thanks to fucoxanthin, an ingredient capable of fighting oxidative stress and protecting cells from attacks by free radicals;
– Detoxifying effects: with the alginate present in its leaves, wakame seaweed helps the body to get rid of toxins;
– Anti-inflammatory benefits: to fight against redness and swelling;
– The ability to revive the production of elastin and collagen: in order to compensate for the loss of elasticity and skin firmness.
Note also that the formula of Wakame Anti-Stress Nourishing Serum is reduced to the essentials, and that the Annayake brand has chosen to remove all harmful products from its care, such as Paraben, silicone, oils. minerals, ethanolamine, phthalates, its sulphites or even nanoparticles.

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